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Google's New Street View Tour Of London Aquatic Center Stars Tom Daley

Illustration for article titled Googles New Street View Tour Of London Aquatic Center Stars Tom Daley

Thanks to Google, you can take a virtual tour of the London Olympics Aquatic Centre located in Stratford (shoutout to my Nando's), complete with some ab-tastic Tom-foolery. Tom Daley that is.

You can see a full panorama of the center, including the pool area, the gym, and the sports science lab. Most importantly, you can check out the view from the diving board, where a certain bronze-medalist awaits your company. (Check it out here and hit the forward button once.)

Screenshot via Google Street View


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Unrelated but I feel the need to vent. I asked my boyfriend to help clean the bathroom today. It hasn't been cleaned since I did it 4 months ago. He went to the store, brought back Lysol and a scrub brush, left it on the counter presumably for me to use, then peaced out to play Ingress across the city. I literally do not know when or if my face will stop doing this: