Well, here's some incredibly racist bullshit. Google's currently selling "Make Me Asian" and "Make Me Indian" apps by KimberyDeiss in their Google Play Store. Yes, it is almost 2013. Yes, this is happening.

From the Change.org petition:

These apps overlay dated and racist stereotypes onto your photos: rice paddy hat, fu manchu mustache, slanty eyes and yellow skin - and voila, digital yellowface!

Or you can pretend to be a Native American by slapping your picture with war paint, feather, and broaded nose, because we all know that that is all that it takes to represent "Indians".

Unlike famously strict iTunes, Google probably doesn't monitor the apps sold in Google Play (I'm guessing), but something so egregious needs to be taken down. Hopefully the petition, which is nearing 3,000 signatures, will help get their attention.

@Google: Remove the racist "Make Me Asian" & "Make Me Indian" apps from @GooglePlay [Change.org]