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Goodbye, Tim

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  • Tim Russert passed away this afternoon at the age of 58 after collapsing at his office. He had just returned from a trip to Italy with his wife and son to celebrate the latter's graduation from Boston College (and, out of respect, I'll refrain from quoting BU's obligatory cheer here). If there's someone at NBC who hasn't teared up in the last couple of hours while talking about him, I missed it. [MSNBC]
  • The rest of the news is after the jump because I figured Tim deserved that.
  • Mostly because the next story had to be about R. Kelly getting acquitted. Dave Chappelle: legal genius. [MSNBC]
  • Oh, by the way, men are necessary because us ladies like being rescued. Bitch, I kill my own damn spiders, replace my own damn tires, get my own drunk ass in to bed and I have only once needed rescuing and I called the cops. One was a woman. [National Review]
  • Iowa's going to be the next Great Lake, by the way. Countdown to mentions of global warming in 5...4...3... [Washington Post]
  • Fuck it, it's Friday the 13th, Tim Russert is dead, R. Kelly is free, stereotypes about white knights and imperiled maidens will live on forever and I need to get to the motherfucking liquor store because I am out of rum.

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I can't imagine what the rest of this year's election coverage will be without Mr. Russert. He was the moderator I have always preferred not only for debates, but also for group-discussions between all types of public figures.

And if you ever heard him talk about his family, particularly his son, you got the sense that he was a special type of PERSON, not simply a pro in his field.

No matter our professions, may we all strive for his well-roundedness. I know only a very few people who I would put in his category of just 'good people' came right through and reporting and journalism was better for it. With all of the irresponsible journalism going on in the world, he represented us well.