The New York Times reports that the Olympics has a huge percentage of female viewers — and ads intended for them. Newsflash! Women who don't usually watch sports tune in for the Olympic Games. Seth Winter, senior vice president for NBC Sports says, "It's not just a sporting event. It's a cultural event." Ad exec Peter Gardiner says the Olympic audience is prized by advertisers because they "tend to be more upscale and harder to reach." Odd, then, that we got the following email last night: Please, God, no more Olympics! I'm all for women in sports, but this is ridiculous! There's more sports here than Fox Sports! Can it! —Laura D. Our own Megan crafted a response to this woman, click the picture if you care to read it. [NY Times]

"Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful criticism. Here at Jezebel, we strive to cater to the whims and personal preferences of each and every single one of our beloved readers. We are sorry that our coverage of the many wonderful and interesting women involved in the Summer Olympics has interfered with your ability to read our blog aimed at highlighting issues of interest to women, like women in sports. Please return next week when the Summer Olympics will have ceased and we'll be covering the political conventions. Or, if that is too much like the actual news to you, please come back in 3 weeks when we will proceed with our regularly-scheduled puppies-and-vibrators programming. [Don't forget Fashion Week! -Ed.] Thank you again for your support in these troubling times, when the television is overwhelmed with programming highlighting women's successes in fields other than fashion."

That's Megan's response, but feel free to write a reply of your own.