Good Rumor: Young Prince Charles Had a Big Fat Crush on Barbra Streisand

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Here is a very good royal rumor: As a young man, Prince Charles had an enormous crush on Barbra Streisand.


That’s via Page Six, who got it from the upcoming release Game of Crowns: Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate, and the Throne, a “look into the relationships and rivalries of Queen Elizabeth, Camilla Parker Bowles, and Kate Middleton.” The pair met in 1974, when Charles made a brief stop in Los Angeles, and. author Christopher Anderson claims that out of all the Hollywood stars Charles could’ve met, he chose Barbra:

Prince Charles had seen the 1968 Streisand movie “Funny Girl” three times and had kept a framed photo of Streisand on his wall at Cambridge and in his private quarters in Buckingham Palace. He’d even confided to his personal valet of his choice to meet Streisand, “I’m sure they thought I’d say Raquel Welch . . . Streisand is my only pinup,” reports “Game of Crowns,” out Tuesday from Simon & Schuster.

But Streisand seemed “nervous” and “tight-lipped” during the ’74 encounter, later joking of the meeting, “Who knows? If I’d been nicer to him, I might have been the first real Jewish princess.”

Page Six says they met once again in the mid-1990s and got along quite well: “At another event 10 months later in London, a source recalled, ‘The prince and Miss Streisand were very affectionate to one another.’”

Now, are dishy reads about the royals as a rule so absolutely reliable that you can take them to the Bank of England? Yours truly wouldn’t bet so much as a particularly tasty-looking Victoria sponge cake on much of any gossip related to the Windsors. But royal rumors must be judged according to an independent set of metrics, i.e., on the question, “Is this a great royal rumor?” And yes, this is, officially, a great royal rumor.

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Truth? Sometimes I look at Camilla and Charles and can’t help but think about that leaked convo where he said he wished he was her tampon. Then I cringe forever.