Good Night, And Good Luck

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[Bristol, England; June 12. Image via Getty]

BRISTOL, ENGLAND - JUNE 12: A Bristol Museum employee adjusts one of the latest suprise exhibits by the underground guerrilla artist, Banksy on June 12 2009 in Bristol, England. The exhibition called 'Banksy versus Bristol Museum' is one of the largest single collections of the artist works and was organised under tight security and installed in just 36hrs with only a handful of museum staff aware it was even happening. Banksy, whose real identity remains a mystery, is said to hail from the Bristol area, and claims that hosting the exhibition in the city is his way of thanking the city for his early street art career. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)


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Rare Affinity

I don't have much time for the likes of Banksy and the attitude they foster. He likes to think of it as street art. I tend to think of it as an eyesore when done by local kids to our property and the derelict house next door. They don't have to live with their pureile grafitti, we do. Moreover, such grafitti makes a place look even more rundown and so encourages further vandalism.