Good news/bad news here, folks. First up, the good news. You are getting a Flowers in the Attic sequel. It's called Petals on the Wind (which you knew because you are staring at your perfectly arranged set of V.C. Andrews books on your self right now). Now the bad news: Kiernan Shipka won't be back. Sorry; she's too young to play Cathy 10 years after Flowers in the Attic takes place. Rose McIver, who plays Tinker Bell on Once Upon a Time takes over as everyone's favorite tragic ballerina.


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Phyllis Nefler

And I'm already worried about what they're doing to the sequel. Petals on the Wind picks up right where FITA left off. There is all kinds of inappropriate stuff going on with Cathy as a 15/16 year old girl. If they're making Cathy 10 years older, they are cutting out a lot from the book.

But I am still going to watch the shit out of it.