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Plus-size shoppers rarely hear straight-up good news β€” there's always a caveat or catch β€” and the latest dispatch from H&M is no exception.

Since we are excluded from so many stores, the report that a H&M will sell a collection β€” called Inclusive β€” is exciting. There will be Spring-y, "figure-flattering party dresses in 50's styles with large polka dots and rose patterns" and they will come in a "wider than usual range of sizes" β€” UK sizes 32-54. That's basically XS through XXL or size 0 through size 20; bust size 30 inches to bust size 50.5 inches; waist size 23.5 inches to waist size 44 inches. Not bad, really, considering how tough it is to find affordable plus-size clothing. Forever 21's plus size line only goes up to a 40 inch waist (and a 48 inch bust). Old Navy offers up to size 30 (pants with a 53 inch waist; tops with a 61 inch bust). Of course, Old Navy only offers its plus-size clothing online. You can't buy Old Navy plus-size clothes in stores.


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Which brings us to the bad news about the H&M Inclusive collection: Yes, it's online only. And more bad news: It's a one-off collection, meaning when it's sold out, it's all over, gone forever. Even worse news: Runway Revolution reports that to get the garments, you need to live in Europe, in the delivery zone of these H&M Online stores: Austria, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Norway, Sweden and the UK. So most of us plus-size shoppers will just have to gawk at these pretty dresses knowing we can never have them. Sigh.

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