Gone Country? Bobby Brown Must Really Need The Money

If you're not a regular viewer of Country Music Television, then you probably missed the new reality series Gone Country. The show ispretty much The Surreal Life, except, instead of making has-beens live in a mansion together, the has-beens have to live in a mansion together and compete against one another to see who will make the best country music star. Why? Who knows! But the cast is pretty amazing: Cisco (as in "Thong Song"), Dee Snyder, Carnie Wilson, Diana DeGarmo (American Idol reject), Maureen McCormick, Julio Iglesias Jr., and Bobby Brown! Maureen and Bobby hit it off on the first day, and now they're totally BFF, and, although first it seemed odd that Marcia Brady and the ex-Mr. Whitney Houston would be fast friends, Maureen has a little history riding the white pony, so they have more in common than one would think. Anyway, if you missed the episode, don't worry, because MTV2 and VH1 will be rerunning the crap out of it. Oh, and, of course, there's a clip above.

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Wow. Just wow.