Gone Country: Bobby Brown Farts On Carnie Wilson, Pees On Dee Snider

Whoever was in charge of casting for CMT's reality show Gone Country is a genius for casting Bobby Brown. While he isn't able to recreate the magic that was Being Bobby Brown — obviously due to the absence of sidekick/estranged-spouse Whitney Houston — he still manages to shock and offend in a myriad of other ways. On the most recent episode of GC, Bobby got too drunk to participate in a club appearance for which the group competed in games like "The Toilet Seat Toss." But in keeping with that potty theme, he decided to fart on Carnie Wilson (who described it as a "snappy, wet ripper") and then later almost urinated all over the bedroom he shares with Dee Snider while walking in his sleep. At least he keeps it interesting! Clip above.


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