Golden Globes Gossip Galore!

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  • Rumors and quips and news, oh my! Let's start with James Franco and Anne Hathaway.

Now that the Globes are over, all eyes are on the Oscars! Franco and Hathaway will meet with the Academy Awards producers this week, and sit down and figure out what their hosting duties will entail. Writer Bruce Vilanch says he'd love to do something where Anne mocks Black Swan, and James Franco may spoof his arm-severing scene in 127 Hours. [Gatecrasher]

  • Speaking of James Franco, word is he'll play satanic serial killer Richard Ramirez and direct himself in the movie version of The Night Stalker. [NY Post]
  • Oh, and guess where else Anne Hathaway is going to show up? Glee! [E!]
  • Anne Hathaway may be playing Kurt's lesbian aunt. [Access Hollywood]
  • In other Glee news, the cast will be singing not one but TWO Justin Bieber songs in an upcoming episode. [MTV News]
  • Christian Bale had fun last night. "Thank God for comedians," he told Ted Casablanca backstage. "They have the most important job." Guess he's Team Ricky. [E!]
  • After he won, Al Pacino left the Golden Globes to tuck his kids in, but when he returned, he was denied re-entry. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Some quips from Alec Baldwin! On Rooney Mara: "This girl's going to be the biggest movie star of her generation." On seeing all the stars at the Golden Globes: "I want to go tell Michelle Williams how much I loved her in Blue Valentine. I want to tell Christian Bale how great he was in The Fighter. I want to tell Ben Affleck how great he was in The Town. I saw a bunch of films this year where I thought, ‘Man, people really, really have done great work." [Access Hollywood]
  • Natalie Portman and Darren Aronofsky had "almost telephathic" communication during the filming of Black Swan. [Contact Music]
  • On the red carpet last night, Jane Krakowski explained why her pregnancy won't be written into the plot of 30 Rock: "No one thinks Jenna would be a fit mother." [Us Magazine]
  • Michael Douglas is about to ink a deal to write his autobiography. [Daily Express]
  • Sick of hearing about body transformations for Black Swan? Too bad! Mila Kunis says: "Transforming your body, in a sadistic way, was kind of fun. In a weird way, I enjoyed the result. It's amazing what your body can accomplish." [E!]
  • Sad: Laura Linney did not attend the Golden Globes because her father passed away the day before the show. Romulus Linney was a playwright, and died of lung cancer. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Jesse James is totes in love with Kat Von D. In fact, he's been Tweeting stuff like "I have never felt so loved!" and "I'm the luckiest MoFo in the world!" And: "48 hours away from you feels like a will never be anything but beautiful to me." At a gala, Jesse said to Kat: "You make it so easy to do everything I can to show you how amazing you are. I see it as clear as a bell. My other half." [Us Magazine]
  • Lindsay Lohan and former Betty Ford Clinic employee Dawn Holland are possibly coming to some kind of truce. Well, Ms. Holland wants to smooth things over, at least. [TMZ]
  • Lindsay's dad Michael Lohan clams that Linds will meet with Dawn Holland. "I think it's good for them both to put it behind them and show that they're going through these steps. One of the major steps is making amends, and I think it's important. Whether they do it privately or publicly that's another story, but I think Lindsay and Dawn will have that meeting." [Radar Online]
  • Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted flirting with Camilla Belle over the weekend. Bellenhaal? Too sexy! [Radar Online]
  • The legal battle between David Beckham and In Touch magazine continues, and Beckham's bodyguard claims the soccer player never met Irma Nici, the lady who told the mag she had sex with Bex for cash. [Radar Online]
  • Kelly Osbourne's ex cheated on her with a transsexual, among others. [Radar Online]
  • Jersey Shore's Angelina Pivarnick has landed a role in a feature film, the intriguingly titled Every Time I Go To Staten Island Something Bad Happens. [Radar Online]
  • Denis Leary's firefighter series Rescue Me is coming to an end. September 6 — five days before the tenth anniversary of 9/11 — the last episode will air. [Vulture, Digital Spy]
  • Britney Spears used the bathroom at McDonald's and it is news. [Hollywood Rag]
  • Andre 3000 did a remix with Ke$ha, which you can listen to at the link. [The Life Files]
  • Oh. God. What? "Zsa Zsa Gabor has no idea she has had her leg amputated." [Contact Music]
  • Blind items! "Which Hollywood actor has a penchant for porn stars whom he visits regularly with a guy friend? The actor then films his friend in the act. …Which affable TV anchor regularly takes trips to Florida to be with his mistress while his wife knowingly sits at home? …Which TV star is so desperate to milk his image as a caring father that he tips off fotogs to catch him being a doting dad in public places — then hands the kid back to its mother once the snapper has his shot? [Page Six]
  • "My job is to try to portray behavior. But I can't watch behavior because people are watching me. You feel absurd, and that's not natural. You are in a zoo. "You go to a shop and people look at you. That's the only thing that gets me a little nervous." — Javier Bardem, on the downside of fame — trying to research roles. [Contact Music]
  • "I haven't eaten in like two weeks. So, after today I'm going to go crazy. Tomorrow [I'll] make banana pancakes and then like pasta with truffles. I mean I'm going to do it all tomorrow." — Sofia Vergara, at the Golden Globes [Access Hollywood]



I was thinking that 30Rock could make Jane K's pregnancy into a surrogacy, a la the Kidney Now! campaign. But moreover, I like the idea that they're not writing about it at all. I'm sure it sucks to have to make a very private matter (like having a child) a part of your professional life by acting it out (I always think about what if something goes wrong!), so yay for letting her keep the two separate.