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Going Vogue: Anna Wintour Meets Alaskan Winter

Illustration for article titled Going iVogue/i: Anna Wintour Meets Alaskan Winter

Question: What do Sarah Palin's new book and Vogue magazine have in common? Answer: Both are glossy, insubstantial, and full of lies.


We know Sarah Palin isn't the biggest fan of Vogue, but we think she'd do really well guest-editing her own issue. So we've worked up a sample cover in the style of our Cover Lies feature (in which we expose how little relationship ladymags, like Sarah Palin, have to reality). While the real Vogue bows to the recession with its $300 "Steal" of the Month, Palin could show us how to get a $150,000 wardrobe for free — and how to pick a $700/night hotel, complete with robe and slippers. In lieu of book reviews, she could offer up a bunch of snide remarks about Katie Couric — "the perky one" probably can't read anyway. And for balance, Palin could add some media elite contributors, like Trig-birther Andrew Sullivan and Rebecca Johnson. (Johnson works for the fake America but the real Vogue, and says all Palin wanted to talk about in her much-maligned interview was "drilling for oil" — but what else is there, anyway?) In fact, right after a Jeffrey Steingarten piece on moose-meat, Going Vogue should include a free sample of premium Alaska crude. We hear it gets rid of both wrinkles and endangered wildlife.

Illustration for article titled Going iVogue/i: Anna Wintour Meets Alaskan Winter

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I'm already working on the parody of this, called Going Vague, with articles such as "Such As", "Also", "Snow has a Liberal Agenda, Except When it Doesn't", and "Keep Laughing, Tina Fey, and Nevermind That Helicopter Behind You".