Going Through The Motions

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Inventor Le Trung, 33, has created a "Fem-bot" named Aiko, who can do math, remember his favorite drink, read in Japanese and English, and has a touch-sensitive face and body. "She doesn’t need holidays, food or rest and she will work almost 24-hours a day," he says. "She is the perfect woman." Le, a former software programmer who had a heart attack last year, has taken out loans and used his life savings to create Aiko, who has cost about $20,000 so far. "I may need to have Aiko look after me one day," he says. She wasn't built as a sexual partner, but she could be tweaked to be one: "Her software could be redesigned to simulate her having an orgasm and reacting to touch as if she is playing hard to get or being straight to the point." If this doesn't creep you out, the video of Aiko in action will. [The Sun]


Damn it—her bangs are perfect.

But creeeeeeeeepy. Especially creepy is the fact that she looks like a tween. Ew.

And the guy certainly sounds like an asshat.