Going Rogue Contest: You Be The Judge

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So we've narrowed the Going Rogue contest down to three finalists, and we'd like you to vote on the winner. Read the choices after the jump:


Remember, we asked you to come up with ideas for turning a copy of Going Rogue into art. Our three favorite ideas, in no particular order, are below. We've anonymized them, partly for fairness and partly because not all of you gave us your usernames.

1. Decomposition

My backyard in Austin, TX is a wild and mysterious place. It's full of waist high weeds and the decaying remains of some dead trees my landlord recently had cut down at my insistence (I was afraid they'd fall on my roommate's car). So I'm thinking a good use for this book would be a study in decomposition. I'll get the book, open it to a random page in the middle, put it on my back patio all winter right outside my bedroom/office window, and take daily photos as nature takes its course. I can provide regular updates on its status, and when it is as completely disintegrated as a hardback book can be sitting on a concrete pad, I'll make a photo collage dedicated to the Jezebel community and compost the remains. There is a rather large feral cat colony living back there, so I'm hoping Momma Cat, Orange Cat, Big Black Cat, Fuzzy Tail Black Cat, Gray Cat, Scary Cat, and any of their assorted kittens will play on it and make something cute out of something horrifying; maybe the opossum or the amazing escaping dog three doors down will also get in on the action. I know this is not as speedy as many of the other appropriate proposals for the future of this ridiculous piece of pop culture, but I think it is truly fitting for what the book is- a piece of garbage.

2. Amelie style

I would use the book Amelie style. I would take out the pages (cause its easier to carry around) and take Polaroids of it in various locations and mail the pictures to her. Pictures would include: the book at a condom factory; happy sex workers using the book to spank their clients; cows chewing on the book; wolves tearing the book apart; the book with John Kerry kissing it and any other offensive thing I can think of.

Also, because I am an environmentalist I would recycle those pages and use the recycled paper for an edition of MS. Magazine - of course this may be hard to actually do.

3. Magnetic poetry

I'd love to cut the book up into phrases, then rearrange the phrases so that the sentences actually tell the truth. Sort of like magnetic poetry, but with Palin's own nonsense and lies as the building blocks. I'm betting the result will be considerably shorter than the original.

Now it's your turn: vote! The winner gets a free copy of the book, and their finished art project posted on the site.



Number two!!!!

(I just like yelling number two)