GoDaddy Goes After Lucrative Idiot Demographic With New Naked Lady Ad

Before internet domain hosting service GoDaddy was famous for backing the SOPA bill and pissing off the whole internet, the company was known for airing inscrutable but irritatingly sexist ads. So what's the damaged brand doing to win back some of its ex customers? Making an even more inscrutable, even stupider ad, and airing it during the Super Bowl! You can't lose by doubling down on a bad idea,


The ad features confusing spokesladies Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels, whose acting skills combined equal about one quarter of an Andie MacDowell, and a mute, naked model getting her body painted by the two talkers.

"This is a kind of strange way to get attention for bla bla domains," says one without any vocal inflection whatsoever. "Ha ha yeah it kind of is," says the other. Eyebrow waggle wink wink nudge nudge.

Where do I sign, GoDaddy? This totally makes up for that SOPA supporting business!

It's not clear who GoDaddy wants as a customer anymore. They obviously don't care to have lady webmasters (web mistresses?) use their domains, nor do they care for web and news savvy men. Are they banking on the fact that Obama's going to get re-elected, thus prompting a fresh wave of dum dums to start their own conspiracy theory websites festooned with waving flag and crying bald eagle gifs? Is the addition of Jillian Michaels as a spokesperson an attempt to subconsciously signal to people who hate themselves? Is Larry the Cable Guy in the market for 1 million websites?

Maybe the answer's written on this naked lady.

Stinging from SOPA, GoDaddy 'leaks' first Super Bowl spot [AdWeek]


Sooooo... what does any of this have to do with domain hosting? And why should I choose this service over the next one?