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More than a thousand blackbirds fell from the sky over an Arkansas town, and no one knows why. Wild, rampant speculation time!


The dead birds, which fell in a one-mile area near Beebe, Arkansas, appeared traumatized, perhaps like they'd been the targets of a giant alien laser shotgun. Or! Maybe they were killed in a government experiment involving mind control. Maybe it was an avian Branch Dividian type situation.

Officials believe that the birds were killed by natural causes like lightning or high altitude hail. Others believe that the birds were scared from their roosts by New Year's Eve fireworks-related revelry and died of fright.


Whatever really happened to the 1,000 dead blackbirds of Beebe, Arkansas, it's probably terrifying and bad and awesome and worthy of being talked about while low, ominous music plays in the background. God, do I ever wish Unsolved Mysteries was still on the air. Now that was a show.

More Than A Thousand Dead Birds Fall From The Sky [NPR]

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