“God Is A Woman And She Is Growing Older”

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"It was the times they tore me to shreds that were the best," reminisces Rabbi Margaret Moers Wenig. Spoken like a firebrand:

When Rabbi Margaret Moers Wenig was ordained, 1984, there were few female rabbis - let alone gay ones. As she tells the New York Times,

I played a significant role in the change toward gay rabbis. I saw how long that process took. In '85, I submitted a resolution to the Central Conference of American Rabbis to open doors to gay men and lesbians. It was not changed till 1990.

While Wenig may represent the reform fringe, she can take credit fpor paving the way for significant changes in even the more conservative community: for two years the Conservative Jewish Theological Seminary has admitted openly gay students. And only a few weeks ago, Poland saw its first openly gay rabbi, a move controversial enough to make international headlines.

Wenig might well feel , cautiously, optimistic - despite the opposition to gay marriage in more conservative Jewish communities - but it's questionable if her 1990 declaration of God's sex will be met with the same level of acceptance. She explains now, "Jewish texts are replete with anthropomorphic images of God. I don't say God would ever die. I fudged that. Whatever else, I would say God is eternal."


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GirlyQ is a manta ray

I don't think God has a gender, really. I think masculine and feminine are both parts of God's whole.

But, this makes me proud to be a Jew.