God Bless: The 'Hot Pastor' From Kimye's Wedding Gets a Reality Show

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We live in a world where the hunky dude who officiated Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Florentine wedding is getting his very own reality show. Rich Wilkerson Jr. will costar with his wife, DawnCheré. Either it'll be absolutely riveting or every bit as boring as watching paint dry.

E! has the story. The show is an Oxygen project, and it'll focus on the couple's work at The Rendezvous, the youth ministry at the non-denominational church where Wilkerson is an associate pastor. You see, he's not a regular preacher. He's a cool preacher!

"A more entertaining way of spreading the gospel, this series not only walks with people through the struggles of their lives, but also sheds light on how Rich Wilkerson and his wife DawnCheré are committed to making church and faith fun as well as unexpected. With the entire family involved in the church, they are ready to share their innovative and thought-provoking ministering with both the believers and non-believers," the press release states.


The Miami New Times provides a peek at their unconventional stunts on behalf of the Heavenly Father:

In addition to vowing to eat a cockroach last year, Rich had his head shaved and has been Tasered live on stage.

"If [eating] a cockroach will get them in there, then I'm willing to do that," Wilkerson told New Times in 2013. "I'll do just anything to get people to [have] an opportunity to meet Jesus."

Man, the fall-from-grace scandal for these guys (an essential stage for any truly successful reality TV property) is really gonna be something.

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How does a nondenominational church, or faith, work? Like, if you are actively ministering to believers and non-believers alike, like this press statement says, what do you even say?