God Bless Tammy Faye

Get ready to gasp and/or cry. The clip above is of Tammy Faye on Larry King Live last night. As you probs, know, Tammy Faye is incredibly sick with an inoperable form of cancer, and although she's far surpassed her initial prognosis — a feat that's been attributed to her unflappable good nature and positive attitude — the end seems to be imminent. If you've never seen the film The Eyes of Tammy Faye, put it on your Netflix queue, and now. The documentary shows Tammy for the woman that she is: Campy and cute, with a heart of gold. I know that when she passes, my eyeliner and mascara will be running down my face—which will actually be a fitting tribute to the woman who wants to be "remembered for my eyelashes." Keep her in your prayers, if that's something you do.

P.S. I know that he's married, balding, and all religious and shit, and perhaps it's an inappropriate time to mention it, given his mother's deteriorating health, but I totally want to bang her punky preacher son Jay Bakker.


The poor woman! I had cancer. It sucked. It was a hard for me to go out in public bald and 10 lbs. underweight. She was what, half her normal bodyweight when she died? And still went on Larry King? That took an unbelievable amount of courage. I am awed. She was very courageous throughout her life and held her head up high in situations that would have destroyed lesser mortals. I admit the fundamentalist religious stuff is creepy to me, but you know, she really did seem to practice the love and forgiveness that she preached. I got to like her years ago when she did the short-lived Jimmy Jay and Tammy Faye Show. The 2 of them were a hoot.

And now, MY make-up is smeared. Sniff!