We're taking tomorrow off. Anna is sleeping and Jennie is cooking macrobiotic food and Moe is medicating herself to the smooth lovemaking jams of Hall & Oates (so if anyone in Ben Franklin's hometown reads this blog, call us!) We really wanted to post on how bad we felt for John McCain's fucked campaign today, in the name of heroism and immigration and his wife's Bangladeshi babies and crap, but we didn't get to it, or nineteen of the other things we had planned, but we rise to the dawn's early light each morning thankful for our air conditioners and the Bill of Rights that makes it so we can freely talk shit on whatever celebrity we choose. Have a good bunch of drinks, or mushrooms in Maine or whatever your plan is, and when we return Thursday please humor our (my) hangovers. (Because I will personally probably have at least four going simultaneously at that point.) Cause you know we live to, as Cameron Diaz once bought a bag quoting Mao Zedong as saying, "serve the people." Especially those of you with menstrual cycles. Peace!