Gobble Gobble: Giving Thanks, Going Rogue

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Happy (almost) Turkey Day! For those who absolutely cannot avoid the internet - even on holidays full of good eats and food comas - a note: we will not be posting regularly on Thursday, November 26, or Friday, November 27.


The good news? Although the regular weekday staff will be taking two days off (to sleep in, read, shop, and, in the case of Tracie Egan, get married) the lovely Lindsay Robertson will be posting intermittently throughout the day, and, on Monday, will rejoin us for two awesome weeks. (Something about a honeymoon in Bali.) Weekend posting will go on as normal, and remember: you can always make use of our #groupthink page, which is up and running 24/7, thanks to the contributions of our thousands of awesome commenters.

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Congrats Tracie! Married life is awesome!