Thanks to the reader who tipped us off to this segment from today's GMA. In the clip above, ABC News' Taryn Winter Brill sets out to answer the question "does my hair look better curly or straight?" in the most unscientific, sexist, and racist way possible. Brill asks an expert panel of five random white guys to rank her hotness with curly hair vs. straightened hair, and goes on job interviews with the two styles. (She also polls a group of children, but this was omitted from the clip for reasons of time and preservation of sanity.) GMA devoted 8 minutes, twice the length of most segments, to analyzing Brill's hair with no mention of societal pressures or an acknowledgment of how subjective attractiveness is. Whether you have "frazzled" curly hair or "pretty" straight hair, you're likely to be pulling it out by the end of this clip.