GMA: Forget More To Love — Men Still Prefer Skinny Women

Good Morning America discussed the controversy surrounding More To Love today. Eliminated contestant Kristian Allbright says the show makes larger women think, "Wow, they're beautiful. I must be beautiful," but GMA presents scientific evidence to the contrary. Clip at left.


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My grandma was overweight and because of this developed diabetes. Her diabetes then lead to a complete loss of feeling in her feet. This then lead to her being confined to a recliner, barely able to move, for the last 5 years of her life. I would not wish this lifestyle on even my worst enemy. My grandma struggled with depression and anxiety because she was incapacitated and unable to care for herself. It was truly awful.

It is one thing to be healthy and plump but quite another to have poor diet and be overweight. This show highlights women who are the latter. I do not think people should embrace being overweight as serious health problems, like my grandma's, can arise as a result.