Instead of filming this selfish, food-hoarding behavior, — which is admittedly adorable — this dog's overlords should probably be creating a more peaceable animal kingdom by teaching the dog how to share with other species, even when they have a terrifying red face like this duck. The dog is white so I'm going to go ahead and call it a Samoyed in order to share a suddenly relevant anecdote about how gluttonous Samoyeds can be: My aunt bakes Christmas cookies — big, frosted, chewy, delicious Christmas cookies — every year for the entire extended family, and, since everyone loves cookies, there end up being like a 150 of them. One year, after frosting about 80 of these cookies, she foolishly left them on the kitchen counter while she ran some errands and her Samoyed named Spork ate them. All of them. Guess who didn't get any cookies that year and now hates yet still aesthetically admires Samoyeds?

[via Buzzfeed]