I've made irreverent remarks about Gloria Steinem in the past, about how she's a dinosaur. I just don't think she's interested in some of the more specific aspects of feminism that I and some other younger women are. But that doesn't mean I don't know or appreciate what she's done for the women's movement. Today, on Oprah, Steinem put my thoughts into words when she said, "Gratitude never radicalized anybody." Because if we spend too much time and energy being so grateful that we have the right to an abortion or the right to vote, then there's the possibility of that gratitude turning into complacency. We need to move beyond what we've accomplished thus far, and look toward the changes we need to make in the future. Because, as Steinem puts it, today's feminism it isn't about women doing it all. It's about women not having to do it all. Clip above.