Gloria Allred Is a Dick

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Lawyers, right? Lawyers are awful. Even people who don't know any lawyers and just read email forwards all day know this. Lawyers are know-it-all ambulance chaser opportunists who care about winning more than justice (half kidding; my brother just graduated from law school and some of my very dearest friends are lawyers). And the worst of the know-it-all ambulance chaser opportunists is the variety of lawyer who has completely abandoned any semblance of caring about justice in favor of pursuing fame. It's even worse when they act like a jerk when people try to talk to them about it. Gloria Allred, apparently, is the perfect storm of opportunism, fame-whoring, and rudeness to win Difficult To Love Lawyer Tic Tac Toe.


You'll have to read to believe The Daily Beast's Tricia Romano's account of a horrendous-sounding experience trying to interview Gloria Allred to believe it, but in case your time runs short today, here's a summary: Gloria Allred's developed a reputation of being a fame-chasing publicist-type who doesn't really care about her clients. When Romano tried to give her the opportunity to address that reputation, Allred alternately scoffed, dodged the questions, encouraged Romano to read her book.

For someone who so eagerly seeks out press, Allred sure seems bad at handling, uh, press.

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As a man, I take umbrage with the word "dick" being used as a pejorative. As far as I'm concerned, my genitals are a good thing and Gloria Allred (according to this article) is not.