Global Conference On Loos May Lead To More Ladies Rooms

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The World Toilet Summit and Expo begins in Macau today, and while a commode conference may sound funny, there are some serious issues on the table: Global sanitation concerns, for one, and the extremely urgent problem we've all experienced: Potty parity.The ratio of female to male cubicles in public toilets will be debated at the event, and it seems like something businesses rarely get right. As Kathyrn Anthony of the American Restroom Association said back in May, "Until men have menstrual periods, until men get pregnant, or until men breast-feed or have babies, we'll always have a need for potty parity." But how will the Toilet Leaders decide what potty parity is? Do women need double the number of toilets? Triple? Of course, most of us have the luxury of indoor plumbing, but World Toilet Organization founder Jack Sim says there are an estimated 2.5 billion people in the world who still do not have access to a hygienic toilet. The conference will include cool new stuff, ike self-cleaning toilets, solar-powered commodes which run without water, and recyclable systems that convert waste into biogas, which can be used to provide hot water for bathing and washing. Back to potty parity: Have you been someplace recently where you felt like there weren't enough toilets for women? The movie theater comes to mind. Any other locales in need of potty parity? Potty Parity: Summit to Discuss Lack of Women's Restrooms [Live Science] Toilet Summit Tackles Issue of 'Potty Parity' for Women [Newser] Earlier: Pooping: The New Hot Shit Ladies Need More Ladies' Rooms • Japanese Women Embrace Running


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Pretty much anywhere where it's a 1-room deal. I.e. single toilet behind a single door. No separate sink area or even a single stall. You'll find girls lined up outside.

In addition to issues mentioned, it's an issue of time & the simple fact that men can zip, pee, zip. Women have to deal with pulling clothes up and down, cleaning seats/squatting. And if you're wearing tights or stockings—forget it.