Glee: Midseason Episode Features Puck, Interchangeable Lovers

This week on Glee, Sue tried to kill herself by overdosing on gummy vitamins, leading to a string of hilarious "Sue-icide" jokes. Emma suggested that spending time with the glee club might raise her spirits, despite the fact that she loathes them. Though Sue joining the club made no sense, it still seemed inevitable. If the show runs long enough, we'll probably see every character from Principal Figgins to Terri Scheuester join New Directions, get forced to choose between the club and cheerleading/football, and sing a "diva off" with Rachel.

In Quinn-Sam-Rachel-Finn-Santana love pentagon news, Sam successfully wooed Quinn by singing the music of Justin Bieber, which he declared is, "hugely emotional and sums up our generation." (Fans of the Bieb probably didn't realize that was a joke.) Then Sam broke up with Quinn anyway and the kids traded partners again.

At this point, it's nearly impossible to remember who's cheating on who and which kids are trying to make someone else jealous. It doesn't really matter anyway, since they'll just switch things up next week. It's probably best to just focus on the few characters whose relationships are still interesting, like Puck and Lauren Zizes. At first it seemed Lauren was mainly on the show so the writers could make jokes about her size and how much she likes candy, but in the last few episodes she's become a more three-dimensional character. Puck has a crush on her because she's the only girl who's a "bigger badass" than he is, but she didn't fall into his arms after he declared he "loves curves." While this could have been a brief relationship played for laughs, like when Puck dated Mercedes, the two have been developing a friendship for the past few episodes. It's good to see Glee treat an overweight character as someone worthy of being the love interest, and a couple that has more in common than their blonde hair and generic good looks.

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yes. featuring overweight gals as normal people with actual personalities IS fantastic, (note: i am indeed an overweight girl, and have been for the last 10 or so years of my life-i'm 23 now) and goddamn i love me some crazy lauren zizes but i have to admit, her and puck... it does take away some of the more... realistic elements of the show, being of course, High School Relationships. Of course we all suspend belief and 'go with it' when the musical numbers kick in but the way kids are portrayed have been, up to date, pretty close to real life... 'puck and lauren' is just not real life! SURE hot as balls guys can certainly go for the larger ladies IRL, it totes happens, but not in high school!! no 17 year old dude is THAT sure of himself that he would ever 'risk' admitting to and acting on liking someone like Lauren Zizes.

and let me be clear, i LOVE glee, lauren kicks butt and puck rules but ...yeh it just doesnt make sense to me ... and it does really annoy me! if you are going to portray awesome overweight girls who DO have great personalities, be realistic on the whole and dont try so hard with the stuff that 'could be in the realm of possibility' but you know never really happens. its fast reaching maximum cringe. basically: it's the most unrealistic relationship they have tried to pull off thus far, IMO. thoughts?

/end rant.