Glamour's "Plus-Size" Model Photo Unveiled On Ellen

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Models from Glamour's plus-size spread will be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today with editor-in-chief Cindi Leive. In the preview clip after the jump, we get our first look at the photo, which Leive pledges is only the beginning.

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Ellen chats with Crystal Renn, who modeled swimsuits in Glamour's May issue and Lizzie Miller, whose belly-bearing photo in the September issue inspired this "naked fat girl extravaganza," as Kate Harding put it, as well as two other "plus-size" models who aren't identified in the clip.


We haven't gotten our hands on a copy of the November issue yet, but it appear that the "extravaganza" actually boiled down to a single naked model huddle, not pages and pages of well-rounded hips, breasts, and thighs. It may not be what we were hoping for, but the shot still looks beautiful and (unfortunately) for a women's magazine, even two pages of average-sized models is a big step.

After the reveal, Leive says the magazine commissioned the photo to not only celebrate the models' beauty but,

To send the message to young women especially who are reading the magazine that there are a million different ways to be beautiful. You don't have to be born pin thin. Whether you're voluptuous or lean, however you're made is the right way for you.

She even goes on to pledge that Glamour is:

"Committing to picturing a wide range of body types [and ethnicities] in our pages... Diversity of every type. We just want to say there are a million ways to be beautiful and you don't have to fit that cookie cutter standard. And we're going to celebrate the designers who help us do that.


Hopefully Leive means it, because that's definitely something we could get accustomed to.

Glamour Magazine's Normal-Sized Models [The Ellen DeGeneres Show]

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Oh yay! Now it’s okay for white women to be not skinny (and have one black friend).

As much as I love the curvaceous prettiness, if we’re taking this special moment to address the issue of the fact that there is ONE beauty standard, let’s ADDRESS IT. Let’s get American Indian models, Indian models, black, white, Asian, Hispanic models. Long hair, short hair, curly hair.Put the fat ones next to the skinny ones next to the curvy ones rather than segregate all of them into their own categories.

These women are beautiful. I’m glad they’re in this magazine, I appreciate with Glamour says it is trying to do, but I’ll appreciate it more when they actually do it.