Glamour's Plus-Size Model: "I'm Not Saying Size 2 Isn't Normal, But My Normal Is This"

On Today editor Cindi Leive and model Lizzi Miller discussed the huge response to Glamour's picture of Miller's belly. "The first thing I thought was 'OK, not the most flattering picture,'" says Miller, "But that's real." Clip at left.


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What I find interesting about all this, is that so many women suddenly feel "validated" by this picture being used in a fashion mag.

Honestly I buy fashion mags to look at the clothes, not the models. I know my body and what looks good on it and what doesn't. How the clothes fit the model has nothing to do with how they will fit me.

And just because a model is being used that has my body type doesn't suddenly make me a better mother, wife, daughter-in-law, sister, or bookkeeper.

Why should this picture make me (or anybody else) feel better about myself?

I haven't picked up a Glamour in years. Do they still print articles about being An Independent Woman right next to articles about how to "catch" a man?

Re-reading my comments, it occurs to me that this woman has no clothes on, making my point a bit moot. sigh...