October is the month for Glamour's Age Issue, where you dear Reader, are supposed to totally relate to at least one of these women because everyone ages the exact same way. According to Glamour, your 20s is when you land your first serious job and should start wearing sunscreen. You are Rachel Bilson! Then there's Ali Larter, a 30-something. Like Ali, this is the time where you become serious and truly in touch with the fact that you need to buy anti-wrinkle serum right now. How do you become serious? Well, Ali quit acting for two years and recreated her own Eat, Pray, Love themed sabbatical in order to stop being cast as "whipped-cream-bikini-girl" again. (She now plays a superhero on television.) Anyway, when you're 40 like Diane Lane, you really, seriously get in touch with yourself... by hauling your ass to the gym to help delay bodily decay. After the jump, Glamour gets the Cover Lies treatment... because we know you care about the 11 things men want from women.