Say what you will about Glamour magazine's "Beauty Insider" blog, but you have to admit the thing's consistent. After all, its writers โ€” three of the beauty department's writers/editors โ€” manage to post 2 to 3 times a day despite their full time jobs sampling beauty products and going to open-bar events thrown by advertisers like Estee Lauder. But we're disappointed in Glamour's beauty girls today, specifically Contributing Editor Andrea Pomerantz Lustig. Andrea suggests that readers leave their over-plucked eyebrows alone for a few weeks, going on to explain that her own brows got a major beauty boost after she misplaced her tweezers and had to let her hairs grow back in. She also mentions that she took "before" and "after" photos of herself as evidence, photos that are, sadly, nowhere to be found on her post. Is Andrea feeling ugly today? Bloated? Shy? We ask only because Andrea seemed perfectly happy to post that kinda creepy, blackface-meets-beauty-editor portrait on March 27!

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