"A Shocking Thing 68% of Chicks Do In Bed p. 124" promises a BRIGHT yellow text bubble on the right hand corner of next month's Cosmo. (Beneath that, the words, "You Naughty, Naughty Girls." Just in time for the holidays!) So anyway, how shocking is it that some widespread sexual activity participated in by 68% of all women could actually be considered shocking? Pretty shocking! What is it? Wouldn't you like to know! But here's a tantalizing hint: Glamour, which also runs the results of a detailed "Ultimate Sex" survey in next month's issue, reports that actually seventy-seven percent of you engage in this "shocking" new fetish, up from a mere 63% in 2004. (It's not the only activity where the polls show large discrepancies! Glamour readers are 16% more likely to watch porn with their guy, but 57% less likely to watch porn alone than Cosmo readers.) But both magazines agree on the "shocking" behavior: "It's a Trend!" as Glamour puts it. Really? I asked...

Oh, and by the way, it's spanking. And six of six Jezebels were like "really?" I mean, I dunno, isn't that kind of a phase you go through? Two of six Jezzies are kind of into it at times, but the rest of us were like "meh."


Oh and guys, want to know if she's into anal? Check her nightstand! If it's Glamour, she's 63% likely to go along with it; if it's Cosmo you push your chances down to 39%. I know, you're thinking, "What if she reads both????"

Ha ha ha, maybe that's your cue to take the FRONT door out of her building!