Glamour "Racist" Ashley Baker Calls Us, Sets Nappy Hair Story Straight

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Ousted Glamour "racist" Ashley Baker just called me, and as I expected, turned out not to be a racist. No, for real, when you hear the full story, which I'm not going to repeat because I'm going to ask you to trust me on this one, you think, well for one, not only is Ashley Baker not a racist, but it is kind of racist how other people at Glamour are using her public shaming as an opportunity to say "OMG Ashley is such a bitch and I hate her so much" as if it makes them official point guards on Team Nappy Hoes. But Ashley was in a tough position. "My experience is that when something like this happens, if you just come out immediately and tell the truth and say you're sorry, people will accept that," she said. "That's what I wanted to do" — and what she asked to do as soon as she saw the original post. Of course she couldn't, because working at Conde Nast magazines is really official and important and every statement needs to be parsed and vetted because they're like the National Security Agency that way.


Ashley says decided to quit when, six weeks after placing her on a sort of uneasy probation during which she was forbidden from blogging or making any sort of statements to anyone about anything, some sort of overlords asked her to amend her official apology to say that she regretted she had not had the courage to come forward earlier. Everyone, of course, should be willing to lose their jobs to defend themselves against accusations of racism. And so, yeah, Ashley learned that lesson. Among others.

P.S. A call to Glamour made by me was not returned, unless Conde Nast recently purchased the number of this one collection agency that likes to harass me sometimes.

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@sinikl: ExACTly.

As someone who can't remember if she was caught saying it or writing it in a post, (and since Moe isn't going to explain further, at least for the moment), can it be put out there that perhaps someone edited badly or took what she actually said waaaaaaay out of context? I'm a reporter who's also served time on the desk, and that shit happens.