There's a new Glamour blogger angling for your ridicule, and she's single, 26, and preggers because that's what's hot right now. But already she's making the Alyssa-esque excuses about how she can't be too TMI about, you know, why her inseminator left her:

At first my boyfriend of three months was into the idea. And now, for reasons that I would love to get into but can't legally (yes, legally—ladies, use a condom), he is officially and permanently off of Team Baby.

Legally? What kind of jerkoff would involve a lawyer in making sure his babymomma never mentioned him ever again? Uh, maybe a jerkoff who'd impregnanted a girl who once left the quadriplegic boyfriend who landed her an appearance on Murderball only to write an epic 5,000-word story about it. Anyway, she calls herself "pretty tough," which is good because life as a single twentysomething parent in New York has got to suck.

But we bet the shower will be amazing!

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