'Glamour': Jenna Bush And BFF Are Thoroughly, Excruciatingly Normal

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Glamour runs a really loooong interview with Jenna Bush and her BFF and children's book photographer/former Glamour intern Mia Baxter in its November issue. Mercifully, no one at Glamour is on hand to fuck up the interview, so it's just Jenna and Mia, yakking and yakking, like the two sweet if completely obvious just-from-college kids they seem to be, about the process of putting together the story of the little teenage AIDS mom that could, during which they lived in Panama and listened to Nick Drake and Thelonious Monk and read Susan Sontag and talked about changing the world between aerobics classes with an endearingly macho instructor who tortured them with typical Third World eighties dance fare until they brought him a new CD with Shakira and Outcast. Also, they biked and drank way too much coffee and called each other special pet names and have totally made out before:

Mia called me Augustus and I called her Junior, or we would call each other esposo and esposa,/em>: Spanish for husband and wife.

So basically they're sort of somewhere between an educated pre-Spencer L.C. and Heidi and a Big 10 version of a collegiate Hillary Clinton. I seriously couldn't find a WTF? moment in the interview; it was all just sort of TMI and familiar. Which brings me to the subject of: what the fuck is up with Chelsea Clinton enlisting her dad's sleaziest aide to demand that restaurant take her picture off the wall? How exactly was that necessary? And better question, what is wrong in the world George Bush spawned something quite possibly more appealing than Clinton? Is that the tradeoff we get for such a distinctly catastrophic presidency? Great. In other news, she with us on condoms being a necessary evil.

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Oy. This is giving me flashbacks: A dinner I attended where my friend's home-from-college daughter recounted her experiences with Jenna and Barbara Bush at Austin High School. This lovely young woman—who chose to swing a hammer on behalf of Habitat for Humanity, rather than being a carefree college kid for the summer—could not come up with ONE SINGLE NICE THING to say about these two, and finally deferred to silence when we prodded her on the subject.

Glamour has disappointed me before, allowing celebrities to use their mag as a platform for their delusions of grandeur (who can forget Eva Longboria's claim that she 'fell into' beauty pageants), but this is the end-all, be-all in that category.

Makes one wonder why the First Daughter is so desperately seeking an image makeover.