Thanks to Fashion Week we got our October Glamour way early, and not a moment too soon, we realized yesterday when we flipped to "A Story That Could Save Your Life" on page 318. It's about two sisters who both got breast cancer! One died; the other lived. How'd she do it? By incessantly harking back on every mistake her sister had made that led her down the dark destructive metastic spiral towards DEATH, and making sure she outdid her every step of the way!

"At every step of treatment, I wanted to know that I'd acted more quickly than Norma had," Apryl says..."I remember Norma was always reacting to what the cancer did to her... I was really obsessed with being in control of it.

Apryl's secrets to beating cancer? A preventative double mastectomy and a hysterectomy, a positive attitude, and access to ten years' worth of medical advancements that hadn't occurred when her sister was dying! Little sisters are so smart! Unlike little brothers, who when their brothers find lumps on their manboobs years after their older brothers come down with breast cancer, just think, "What are the odds?"

No, really, that's also a true story. See? Just when the human condition starts to really depress you, its absurdity gives you a good reason to laugh. Stay positive! It's Fashion Week, not Fashion Year

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