'Glamour' Editor Cindi Leive: Smart, Sensitive...OMG We're Really Trying Hard Not To Judge!

Cindi Leive was the daughter of a scientist mom who attended the nation's nerdiest and most self-serious liberal arts college and interned at the Paris Review ... all so she could grow up to edit Glamour? Where her crowning achievements include... the online Do's And Don'ts forum, Alyssa Shelasky, Edgy English Teacher. We're not going to editorialize on this matter, because according to Sheila Kurtz's handwriting analysis, she's "exquisitely sensitive" to criticism and very easily "wounded." Also: no one we know has told us she's a bitch. Yet!

This writer is exquisitely sensitive to sharp criticism. This sign is visible in the inflated loop of the "d" in Cindi. She cares what others say about her and her work. She is often wounded, and she may be poignantly hurt by barbed, destructive opinions.

There is also a large loop standing for the "C" in Cindi, and another in the "L" in her last name. These indicate an inclination toward the philosophical, but the signature is insufficient to point to what areas.

There is a needle-point in the "n" that signals a person who picks up information at NASCAR speed; she ranks in the 95th percentile. The "i" forms are closely dotted, a sign of attention to detail. Also, the dots are round and precisely placed (even in the last name). This signals a strong loyalty to particular people, values and institutions.

The last name is a loop and a straight line. The line is firm and straight with a hook at the end. This form speaks of caution (the straightness) and tenacity (the hook). The writer will think long and hard before she lets anyone into her realm; once a person is admitted, the writer may be their champion for life.


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