Glamour, Cokie Roberts' Daughter Launch 'Glamocracy', A Blog About The Longest Reality Dating Show Ever

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Glamour is starting a new blog to cover the 2008 election. And guess what it's called: yeah, Glamocracy. "I wanted to have something that talked about this campaign year from the point of view of young women," says Glamour news director Ellen Kapinsky, who will oversee five writers, enough to generate enough PC/oversafe/naive/cloying/badly-written/plodding text based on false underlying assumptions/ insufficient historical understanding to drown us on our own snark. And I'm not saying that because I think I'm so smart; I'm saying it because it's easier to write a blog pointing out dumb editorial moves like letting Mariane Pearl write a four-page story for your December issue about that Russian ex-spy who was poisoned to death by Vladimir Putin's henchman after he refused to assassinate Boris Berezovsky without ever making mention of, I dunno, the Ukrainian president they did the same exact thing to the year earlier; the horrifyingly dictatorial rule of Vladimir Putin; Putin's increasing influence in China, India, Pakistan, Iran and pretty much everywhere else you'll find nukes; how the current presidential candidates plan to handle all you get it.


Sorry if I'm getting out of the realm of the "point of view of young women" here, but uh...why else was I supposed to care about that guy's widow?

I mean, she is pretty.

Anyway, on the plus side they have tapped Rebecca Roberts, a satellite radio broadcaster and daughter of Cokie, has been tapped as on of the bloggers. And if the latest entry from Glamour dating blog "Man Needs Date" is anything to go by, Glamour is having a Come-to-Jesus moment:

For the last couple of weeks, while not fantasizing about eating Turkey and stuffing, I have been struggling with writing a blog that is more real.....It's like every time I sit at the keyboard to write about my true feelings, it is either too difficult to face or define or maybe it's easier to crack a few frat-boy jokes and tell you what we had for dinner and how many times we rocked the casbah!

The guy has a point: just wake up every day and strive to be honest. Like right now, watch this: I'm at a loss with how to finish this post, and it's the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and this was supposed to go up 24 minutes ago, so I'm just gonna put a period right here and hope that makes a sentence.

Glamour Launching Blog (Thanks Mike C!) [Politico]



Not to get all male on you and certainly not trying to be difficult, but I'm pretty sure that Rebecca Roberts is also the daughter of Steve, a respected print journalist in his own right. Cokie may have the political pedigree and the name recognition from her years on television, but I'm sure Steve also had a hand in helping his daughter find a career.

Oh, and I hope Jezebel and/or Wonkette will link to anything from the Glamour blogs that I should read because I'm probably never going to visit the site on my own. By and large, the mag just isn't on my reading list.