Isaac Mizrahi's back after years way from the tents โ€” as devoted to old-school glamour as ever! The show, titled "Astaire Case or Obstacle Course," involved a staircase, wind machine, jazz band and indoor rain shower. And Funny Face-worthy fashions!

Easter Parade pretty - as whimsical as that treacly Sophia Coppola Dior ad, even if I am mixing designers and references with reckless abandon.


This reimagined Career Gal ensemble would be perfect on Maggie Prescott.


Ike worked these groovy psychedelic prints in periodically. They were no defense against the indignity of the cardboard boater.

Deconstructed Degas - with the obligatory touch of bionic archer, of course.


"Sesame Street" meets "Mame" - how far wrong can you go?

I like the mix of old-Hollywood glam and 90's-inflected layered shirtwaist.


Elements of the collection had a Cecil Beaton quality - after all, people want glamah from Mizrahi!

Pure "Ascot Gavotte" - and pure pretty.

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