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Gladys The Baby Gorilla Devours Her First Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to Gladys the baby gorilla! She turns one today and to mark the big day, she got a pretty pink birthday cake.


For those who don't know, Gladys was rejected by her real mom and had to be hand-raised by Cincinnati zoo staff. Then, she got a surrogate mom and since then, she's been doing pretty well, from the looks of it! I don't anything about if it's OK for baby gorillas to eat birthday cakes, but the people at the zoo seem to be all about it. (And it doesn't look like people cake, you guys.) I never realized how much I would enjoy watching gorillas lick food off their fingers, but apparently it makes me super giddy.

Also, let's just all come to a consensus now that "Gladys" is the greatest name for a gorilla ever in the history of all time.

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What the hell! Those big gorillas stole all the fruit off! No one said I had to watch baby Gladys share her damned birthday cake.