Don't mind the placenta: Childbirth is about to get a "fashionable" makeover. And by "fashionable" we don't mean that another size-0, label-worshipping celebrity is going to defy the fertility odds (gods?) and get herself knocked up with a Mini-Me just in time for the spring collections. We mean that the act of giving birth itself has caught the eye of the fashion industry. According to a press release sent to a fashion blogger friend last Friday, a new company called Binsi is manufacturing "posh and precious skirts, tops and robes to labor in"... so that "loyal fashionistas" can feel more like themselves. (Meaning: not naked?) And the clothes are compatible with medical equipment! We took a look at Binsi's website, where we found the following gem, from one Dr. Patrick Finnegan, OB/GYN:

Birth is easier when the mother feels more confident and comfortable. Products like Binsi are a wonderful way to help women feel more like themselves, and less focused on the medical aspects of the experience.

"Confident and comfortable"? None of us have ever given birth, so perhaps we're talking out of our asses (vaginas?) but, we're pretty sure that the words "confident" and "comfortable" aren't in the vocabulary of laboring or soon-to-be laboring mothers. (At least until the epidurals kick in.) As our blogger friend put it: "The end times are near. We are no longer allowed to have any moment in which we are not sexualized. Even at the ultimate conclusion of sex. I feel like that fact that a woman created this makes it even more horrific. Why do we do this to each other? No man would conceive of this product." True. Now we're going to ask her what she thinks about New Mommy Makeup!

Birth In Binsi
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