Give Up On Those Salsa Dancing Lessons, These Kids Are Tearing it Up

Nothing like seeing a couple tiny kids tear up something that takes adults years to gain proficiency in. Kevin (8) and Beverly (6) are actual world champions in salsa dancing, which is already more than most people can say. A video of them killing it at the Israeli Salsa Congress went viral last month, and now they've the top of internet stardom—being offered a spot on Ellen Degeneres' show. (Skip to 2:30 for the dance!) They're tiny, charming, and their feet move so fast, my brain actually can't register the motion. So I'm going to say that their footwork is on point, but that's largely speculation because it's pretty much a blur to me.


Consider this a giant fuck you to every quarter-to-midlife crisis Zumba-Salsa-Tango class ever taken.

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Out! I'm not ever gonna be/look that good whilst dancing, I'm throwing the towel in. If you need me I'll be at bar.....