Give the Gift of Jon Hamm This Valentine's Day

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Still looking for the perfect Valentine's Day present for your Mad Men-loving sweetheart? Or better yet, are you looking to buy a very special Valentine's Day gift for yourself? Then do consider sending a Hamm-O-Gram, the only valentine crafted especially with the Jon Hamm fan in mind.


Each Hamm-O-Gram will run you five dollars and includes a picture of Jon Hamm and a unique love note which is guaranteed to be "tailored for maximum sexiness." (Yes, you could make one yourself, but they donate a portion of your payment to charity.) There is no more delicious gift you could send—except for maybe sending an actual ham.

[Via Gothamist]

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I just started Mad Men (I'm the old behind the times fogey of popular shows) and all I want are some of those dresses and skirts.