Giuliana and Bill Rancic's Surrogate Suffered Miscarriage at Nine Weeks

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Giuliana Rancic told Mario Lopez today that the surrogate who was carrying her and Bill Rancic's second child suffered a miscarriage while nine weeks pregnant. The same surrogate also carried the couple's first child, Duke.

"Thankfully we've had some time to process the news," Rancic told Lopez of the incident, which will be discussed on the upcoming season finale of their reality show Giuliana & Bill. "It was hard...I mean, when you get that call that you've had a miscarriage…we were just devastated."

"Our priority at the time, once we were able to take the emotion out of it a little bit," she continued, was "to make sure our surrogate who carried Duke for us … knew it was not her fault."

The breast cancer survivor went on to explain that she understands "it happens all the time." In fact, she's miscarried in the past, too.

"This is something that is so common … it happened to me. We wanted her to feel okay with it. She's good with it, she's also processed it [and] we're all moving forward."


Best of luck to everyone involved. This is such a tough process. The Rancics say they plan to try again for a second child. [Us]

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The Beastie Boys refused to let Arnold Schwarzenegger use "Sabotage" for his new movie Sabotage, out of respect for the late MCA's beliefs about commercial licensing.

Mike D and Ad-Rock turned down "a lot of money" to let Sabotage use the Ill Communication hit "Sabotage" in its promotional materials in order to honor Adam "MCA" Yauch's request that the group never lend their music in commercials or ad campaigns.

The Schwarzenegger revelation came straight from Mike D during testimony in the Beasties' $1 million lawsuit against Monster Energy Drinks, the New York Daily News reports. Monster is alleged to have used the group's music in their promo "Ruckus in the Rockies" without permission. Speaking of Sabotage's offer, Mike D testified, "It felt like too much of an endorsement. We weren't fans of Mr. Schwarzenegger's recent work." Mike D added that while the Beasties could have used Arnold's money — "We have not been able to tour since MC died. We can't make new music." – they're respecting Yauch's wishes regarding the use of the catalog.


:(((((((((( [RollingStone]

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I sincerely hope more celebrities are willing to discuss miscarriage (if they want.) It is so isolating and feels like you're the only person in the world who it's happened to. Knowing you're not alone can be so helpful at such a difficult time.