Giuliana Rancic's gestational surrogate is in labor, and the internet insists that this information is VERY IMPORTANT TO YOU and totally 100% your business. So here it is. Here is the information. A human baby is currently lodged in Giuliana Rancic's gestational surrogate's birth canal and is slowly but surely clawing its way out to freedom and personhood. We know this for sure because Bill Rancic has just tweeted: "It's Game Time......" It is game time, people. Please make a note of it. (Congrats, you crazy kids. Hella happy returns.) [E!]

It brings me no pleasure (or surprise) to tell you this, but world's orangest childbride Courtney Stodden said she's been "flooded" with XXX offers since turning 18 today, and of course she's considering them. No doy, guys. Stodden then explained, sphinxlike, "I'm not gonna say yes right now ... and I'm not gonna say no." (Riddle me again, Stodden. I know this one.) Husband Doug Hutchison, however, apparently isn't on board: "the thought of her getting intimate with another man is freaking out her 52-year-old hubby." Uuuuurgh, it's like she's the Johnny Appleseed of frowny-faces. [TMZ]


Lindsay Lohan's unpaid $46,350 Chateau Marmont bill isn't Lindsay Lohan's fault, says Lindsay Lohan. See, what had happened was that she assumed that Lifetime's Liz & Dick producers were going to cover the bill, but she was mistaken, which is why she ignored the manager's repeated attempts to contact her and ask her about the bill, which is why it's totally unfair that she's now banned 4 lyfe. Because when you're rich and famous, nothing is ever your fault. [TMZ]


Apparently Charles Barkley was doing a terrible karaoke rendition of Boyz II Men's "End of the Road" at a Raleigh, NC bar, when ACTUAL BOYZ II MEN EMERGED FROM THE AUDIENCE AND BACKED HIM UP. I can only assume that this sequence of events was a birthday present orchestrated especially for me by the Baby Jesus himself, so I guess this is what being born again feels like. You guys are all going to hell, because of blowjobs (did I do that right?). [TMZ]

  • Prince Harry didn't get to go to the Paralympics opening ceremony as planned, because everybody found out that he has a penis. [E!]
  • Anna Faris gave birth and then went outside without even bothering to shed her baby weight first! Groooooss!!!!! [E!]
  • Russell Brand and Geri Halliwell say they "bonded over the fact that there's more to life than drinking." Also, they are a "proper couple now," says a source. [Radar]
  • Lady Gaga called Lindsay Lohan a dirty thief, AS A JOKE, and then did a Madonna impression with her butt. [E!]
  • Here are a bunch of stills from Downton Abbey, season 3. Don't look at them if you're me and you haven't watched season 2 yet because you're dumb. Honestly. The spoilers I endure for you people. [ONTD]
  • Drew Barrymore went to yoga. [Us]
  • Iceman from X-Men got married and here are some pics of it. [Us]
  • E! has declared Josh Romney to be the "Hot Republican of the Day," despite the fact that he looks like someone crossed a Romulan with a shark and then told it to fire you on your birthday. Gross, guys. [E!]
  • Jamie Kennedy says that dating in Hollywood is "really hard." [People]
  • Someone stole Edward Furlong's wallet, dignity, hope. [Yahoo!]
  • Did you hear about these dickhead seagulls? They're EATING THE WHALES ALIVE. [Discovery]