Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady are Expecting Another Superbaby That Will Destroy Us All

Gisele is pregnant with another baby that will probably grow up so beautiful that it too will earn more in a day than you do in a year. Oh, it's with her husband, Tom Brady, but would be infinitely more interesting if it wasn't. "Yes, she is pregnant," squealed a source. "They are really happy!" Just once, to shake things up, I'd love to hear a celebrity baby announcement that's less enthusiastic. "Yes, she is pregnant," droned a source, "and she's just like -ugh- about the whole thing." [NYDN]
Though maybe, like Gisele, the tot will be rejected by 42 modeling agents first. [Us]


Blind dates may be the worst, but Charlize Theron says it's even more uncomfortable if you're super famous and are doing it for charity. She found this out the hard way when she agreed to auction herself off and found herself stuck with some creepy rich dude for the night. "They trick you with the ‘people are suffering' thing. You fall for it and before you know it you're at a restaurant with some stranger. Like you could end up in Dahmer's apartment," she said, adding that she had to call in a couple of her friends for back-up because the dude was giving her the willies. "Rich people can be creeps, too! Look, I'd rather just give the money [to charity]. It was a scary thing. And [the guy] was weird." [Just Jared]

Kate Bosworth and her director boyfriend, Michael Polish, enjoyed a 30-minute public fight at the CFDA after-party on Tuesday morning. There was shouting, arm-grabbing, slack-jawed stares, but, despite all that, it turned out to be a fizzler as they were canoodling before night's end. Sidenote: this reporter, though failing to find out the context of their tiff, seems to have an awful lot of other details. The best bit: "Although the dance music drowned out much of their heated conversation, we did hear him yell ‘I'm sorry!' and Bosworth repeatedly bark ‘No!' as a large vein bulged in her forehead." [NYDN]


The frankly bizarre relationship between John Myer and Taylor Swift just won't die. First the former has a big cry-baby whine session to Rolling Stone and now the pair are causing delightfully dramatic public scenes when running into each other at West Hollywood bar/restaurants. "Taylor very visibly - in front of the entire restaurant - demanded to be moved to the other side," said a fellow diner. "The bar's usually an oasis of calm and privacy for celebrities and power players, but this was drama central." [Page Six]


When asked if she'll be making music with her good pal Rihanna anytime soon, Katy Perry said they'd be making sweet music together well before they went into the studio together. "No, but we're going to have sex," she said. [The Sun]

  • Anderson Cooper, noted rich person, makes joke about rich people things. [Page Six]
  • Happy Days actress Erin Moran lives in a trailer park. Meh, maybe she likes living in a trailer park. [Page Six]
  • Octomom will no longer be swinging around a pole at a strip club near you, but you'll catch her pleasuring herself on video soon enough so chill out. [NYDN]
  • Claire Danes is selling her New York home for $6 million, but she'll throw the (non-sex) swing for free. [NYDN]
  • Tyra Banks, who is 38, is snuggling up with a 24-year old model, which makes her a "cougar" because clearly something about a gorgeous model in her 30's getting with a younger man is predatory. [Radar Online]
  • Papa Cyrus has given Miley his blessing the traditional way – via Twitter. [E!]
  • Sorry, Leighton Meester's mom, the law has decided your daughter doesn't owe you shit. [E!]
  • Ryan Gosling took Eva Mendes to his mom's college graduation. Which is hands-down adorable. [E!]
  • Nicole Richie steals Gwen Stefani's look, dyes her hair partially pink. [Us]
  • Jewel steals Reese Witherspoon's career, prepares for her June Carter biopic. [Us]
  • Human robot Jada Pinkett Smith doesn't eat for taste, she eats for fuel. [Us]
  • Rihanna says she was generally surpised to learn that people thought her collaboration with Chris Brown was a bad idea. [Us]
  • Now that she's a judge on X Factor, Britney Spears is hoping that her dad's conservatorship over all of her financial stuff will end. Plus, she's got a fiancee to do all that crap now. [Radar Online]
  • And back to pressing hair news: Kelly Clarkson is now a bubbly blonde. [People]
  • Jamie Hince has had the words "Kate Above All" tattooed on his arm in German. His wife, Kate Moss, bet that he didn't have the balls to do it and lost the bet. But who really lost in all of this? [The Sun]

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