Jean-Paul Gaultier is probably best known to the world as the guy who, in 1990, put Madonna into a cone bra, and gave her a butch pantsuit with bustier and garter belt to be worn on the outside to best (bear with us) "Express [Her]Self." And frankly, his fall 2007 couture collection is the smartest rendering of gender trouble we've seen since then. The collection was supposedly crafted around a fairy-tale Gaultier had dreamt up in which the fairy princess is rescued by the handsome prince... who happens to be a girl, not a boy. This la petite prince look is so provocative (but in a smart way) that we feel we could have scrapped those hours spent studying gender theory if only we had had this collection to gaze upon. (Memo to gender theorist Judith Butler: Refer all future "What about the body, Judy?" questioners to gaze upon this!) But most importantly, not only does Gaultier's collection have our minds racing, it has our hearts a-flutter: If being a damsel in distress means having these clothes swoop into our lives, we'll gladly try playing helpless. Image gallery, after the jump.


[Paris, France; July 4. Images via]