Girls Next Door: Hugh Hefner Remembers Having Sex With Model's Mom

The main plot point of this season's The Girls Next Door has been the search of Playboy's 55th Anniversary Playmate. On last night's episode, the prospective candidates were invited to the Mansion for a series of test shoots... including one whose mother was a Playmate in 1968. After Kendra brought the girl into Hef's study to look up her mom's centerfold in the Playboy library, things got creepy. Hef said that he remembers having sex with the centerfold and that she had a great ass, then complimented the daughter on how she looks just like her mom. Clip above.


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That Radar article left out two disturbing facts:

Hef has a baby oil fetish, and apparently his bedroom REEKS of it. The women who live at the mansion are paid ($1000/wk. w/medical and dental, and use of a company car); but in return they must obey Hef's curfews. Miss curfew and you are locked out for the night.

Also, he thinks women who work in porn are "dirty" and will have them thrown off premises if he finds out they have a 'porn' past.

I have a friend who lived there for awhile - she hated it and RAN.