Girls Next Door: Goodbye To Bridget & Kendra's Deep Conversations

Now that Holly left Hef for a creepy magician, Kendra left Hef for a professional athlete, and Bridget left Hef simply because the others did, we realized we actually might miss them.

This clip, from last night's episode of The Girls Next Door, is exemplary of the kind of conversations that once made the Playboy Mansion a magical place, and kinda proves that these girls ended up doing exactly what they were born to do.



My Mom is pretty conservative and she usually doesn't watch any TV that is lewd or crass (which is what she told me TGND is) but my sister and I were trying to remember the name of Bridget's dog and Mom blurted out "Wednesday - she's so cute!" Gotcha Mom!!! Even my Republican Evangelical Christian Mom watched it from time to time :)